In this report, TUNDE OGUNTOLA evaluates the impact of the GEEP programme restructured as GEEP 2.0 to effectively deliver soft loans and skills to a wide range of unemployed citizens, persons living with disabilities, marginalised women and other vulnerable groups As a panacea to give access to credit for poor and vulnerable Nigerians facing challenges such as lack of capital due to inadequate access to finance and credit, inability to attract talented and tech-savvy manpower, the federal government launched Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) now known as GEEP 2.0, a components of the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) of the current administration restructured as parts of efforts to lift 100 million Nigerians out of poverty. GEEP basically offers three programmes: TraderMoni for marginalised youths, MarketMoni that targets vulnerable women, and the FarmerMoni specifically focused on rural farmers. The target beneficiaries people who are already engaged in


Finding love in Nigeria has been on the hot list of topics in Nigeria. Some of the men have fallen victim of heartbreak likewise the women. With the busy nature of been a Nigerian, finding and maintain love as also become very challenging. Though not everyone believes in the idea of finding a suitable partner on dating sites, there are some who do. There are a few testimonies that pop up about one finding his/her heart rob while surfing through a dating app. Some surprisingly get married in a short space of time or even work out better than those who met off a dating site. Nigerian ladies have come to the realization that there is a decrease in the number of marriageable men, they turn to famous dating apps to find their match. Lots of dating sites are been generated every day by Nigerians but a few have gotten the attention of Nigerian girls due to the sites “male’’ population. In online dating, there are also some scary scenarios as it becomes uncomfortable to visit a newly found match. With this, it is advisable for one to be cautious in making such decisions. Below are 10 dating sites cute ladies are rushing to date, big boys.

Naijaplanet is a Nigerian dating site that is usually patronized by good looking young men and women who reside in Nigeria and abroad. It was created in 2008 to be 100% free with a very beautiful layout. It enables online communication between single men and women who are open to friendship, dating, flirting, marriage and real love. It was also created in such a way that it would be easy to use and navigate for better options with its advanced chat rooms, video gallery, and instant messaging. Due to this, it has been recorded that the site houses 3000 visits daily with 44,000 registered members.

Meet Nigerians
This site was not created to service the Nigerians living in Nigeria alone but for those living outside the country. Meet Nigerians is also not a free dating site unlike Naijaplanet. To use this site, the user is to pay certain amount of gold for membership fee which is also determined by how long a person would like to use the site. This means that users are to pay before gaining access to messaging and other options. Unlike the policy of the site, Nigerians in Abuja, Port Harcourt and Lagos have found their way on the site and can even access all options without paying the membership fee.

Friendite was created in 2012 and since its launch; it has been a fast growing online dating site in Nigeria. It is a highly sophisticated site as it opens users to tools that can be used to share pictures, videos, blogs, groups, game playing and even to create events. Friendite also has the best layout which helps users enjoy the experience of using the site. Friendite attracts over 84,000 registered members with 9,000 members visiting daily.

Sexy Naija
Sexy Naija is also a top free online dating site and is the most referred online dating site by Nigerian ladies. It was established in 2005 and has still maintained its place on one of the top positions. With the use of this site, members are not to pay any form of membership fee to stay on the site, it is totally free. It also as the best features such as personal email, blog, instant messaging, chatting and many others which helps users improve their communication with their match. In signing up to the site, it also helps the user design their possible match by signifying simple details like blood group, drinking habits, religion, occupation and many others.

Tinder is a very popular site even common among teenagers; this is so because it has proven to be the trendiest sites in the world. Users can be from any part of the world, from London to USA down to Abuja and Lagos. Unlike every other site, tinder is available on mobile phones as an application and not a website and is free to download. The experience begins once the download is complete; possible matches begin to pop up on the screen. However, there have been numerous complaints by users the Tinder as been taken over by call girls so users are been advised to be careful while engaging with their match.

Baddo is also an online dating application that is not only designed to match up singles but to also serve as a social discovery app. It is a social discovery site in the sense that; it helps users understand and discover people who live around them. It was created by Andrey Andreev a Russian entrepreneur in 2006. Baddo also has some upgraded features to it like “Baddo Live’’ and “Encounter’’. These features help users block out annoying contacts, it can also help user stream a live video and monitor who visits their profile. With all of these juicy features, Baddo is surprisingly free; though it is an application known for low numbers of successful long lasting relationships.

Nigerian Dateline
This is another popular dating site in Nigeria; it takes care of single Nigerians both home and abroad. The site helps Nigerian to find their preferred match located around them thereby enabling them to post videos and pictures to build their profile. Nigerian Dateline also increases the experience of the user by featuring the user’s profile on their birthday. Just like other sites, Nigerian Dateline is not totally free. It attracts subscription fees and even charges to help users enjoy upgraded features.

Nigerian Christian Singles
Just as the name implies, Nigerian Christian Singles website is designed for people who are looking for people similar to their faith and beliefs. This platform is the best hookup site for Christian singles with dating rights to be respected by users. It does not only bring Nigerian Christians together but also creates a community of like minds to grow a strong relationship among them. Nigerian Christian singles site helps users in their experience by displaying tips for dating and testimonial of several successful relationships.

Naija Connexion
This is also one of the best dating sites patronized by cute Nigerian ladies. It a free dating site that automatically grants users the ability to search and exchange messages among them. It is also referred to as a matured dating site as it guides the user’s information confidentially. This is a site focused on the ladies as it gives them the option of choosing who contacts them.

Nigerian Dating Agency
This Nigerian dating site was developed to help Nigerians meet up with fellow Nigerians home and abroad. It is easy to operate as it helps users to search specific age, ethnic group, location, gender, occupation and many others. Users can also develop specifications in terms of desired partner and get notified when they are found. With these top 10 dating sites, dating in Nigeria has been made easy. You are sure to find a good match online.


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