In this report, TUNDE OGUNTOLA evaluates the impact of the GEEP programme restructured as GEEP 2.0 to effectively deliver soft loans and skills to a wide range of unemployed citizens, persons living with disabilities, marginalised women and other vulnerable groups As a panacea to give access to credit for poor and vulnerable Nigerians facing challenges such as lack of capital due to inadequate access to finance and credit, inability to attract talented and tech-savvy manpower, the federal government launched Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) now known as GEEP 2.0, a components of the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) of the current administration restructured as parts of efforts to lift 100 million Nigerians out of poverty. GEEP basically offers three programmes: TraderMoni for marginalised youths, MarketMoni that targets vulnerable women, and the FarmerMoni specifically focused on rural farmers. The target beneficiaries people who are already engaged in

What you should know as a Nigerian Student before graduation.

It is no longer news that virtually all prospective Nigerian graduates have one thing in common. To graduate, get a very good job, become rich and get married.

It is not impossible indeed, but right now, it is improbable. Meaning it is very difficult.

Here are some things you should know before graduation :

1) Not even a First Class assures you of a job :

In Nigeria today, getting a job is now a mystery, truth be told. There are cases of First Class graduates struggling to get a job as there are no jobs, and the little available are being hijacked by the "elites".

2) Entrepreneurship is the answer :

Nigeria's president once said youths should not overly depend on their certificates. It doesn't mean the certificate is useless, but rather, it simply means there are better ways to get rich and be happy than just depending on the certificate.

There are small scale businesses one can start and before graduation, the business could grow beyond expectations and they require less capital. Some of which include Poultry farming, Doing assignments and projects for students for cash, selling books,and so much more.

3) Learn Other skills before graduation :

Prospective graduates should take it upon themselves to learn other skills to make themselves relevant. Skills like graphics design, printing works, coding, be fluent in Microsoft office. All these skills could be learnt during semester breaks and could be of help should any opportunity present itself. No employer wants to employ a computer illiterate.

Thanks for reading, do endeavor to follow me.


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