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In this report, TUNDE OGUNTOLA evaluates the impact of the GEEP programme restructured as GEEP 2.0 to effectively deliver soft loans and skills to a wide range of unemployed citizens, persons living with disabilities, marginalised women and other vulnerable groups As a panacea to give access to credit for poor and vulnerable Nigerians facing challenges such as lack of capital due to inadequate access to finance and credit, inability to attract talented and tech-savvy manpower, the federal government launched Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) now known as GEEP 2.0, a components of the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) of the current administration restructured as parts of efforts to lift 100 million Nigerians out of poverty. GEEP basically offers three programmes: TraderMoni for marginalised youths, MarketMoni that targets vulnerable women, and the FarmerMoni specifically focused on rural farmers. The target beneficiaries people who are already engaged in

Why Pro Traders Always Lose Money More Then Newbies

At times of world crisis there is always a fluster in the markets. Empires are both built and erased when markets swing. A lot of pro traders stress the importance of having strategies when it comes to making money in the markets. The truth is no strategy can protect you from market volatility. Your success when trading will be more dependent on your mindset and how you react to movements in the market. Emotion management is extremely important and often overlooked by the average trader. When you are reacting to the market with emotions rather than technical analysis you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. Let’s take a look at some of the most common emotions to watch out for when trading. Fear Traders become fearful of the market usually for one of two reasons. Some are new to trading and have no idea what to do, so they don’t do much in fear of losing their funds. Another reason is a trader may have experienced a significant loss in the past and now the trader

5 ways to follow and become a successful cryptocurrency trader /investor

A crypto-trader is someone who profits from short-term changes in the market price of cryptocurrencies, altcoins, and value tokens. The goal, of course, is to buy when prices are low and sell when they rise higher. Trading can be lucrative, and many people have made fortunes doing it. This article will reveal the five things you must understand if you want to become a successful crypto-trader. 1. The Relationship Between Risk and Reward A successful crypto-trader must understand the relationship between risk and reward. Risk management measures volatility and the likelihood of negative outcomes to a trade. However, a successful trader should never run away from risk because risk and potential returns are positively correlated. The greater the risk you take, the greater your reward will be if you come out on top. 2. Technical Analysis Crypto-traders rely on technical analysis to identify and predict trends and patterns in the value changes of a currency. Technical analysis helps inv

Check Out What are Top Richest People in the world are saying about bitcoins

Introduction For the past decade, blockchain, Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies have disturbed everything they have encountered — including banking, hedge funds, law enforcement, health care and real estate to name a few. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are set to transform many industries, yet this is only the inception. However, despite the overall energy and enthusiasm around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology’s capacity to change the world as we know it, many of the world’s richest men have expressed mixed opinions. For instance, some billionaires, like Warren Buffett, are known to be strong Bitcoin judges while others, like Tim Draper, are avid supporters. In 2018, for instance, Buffett foretold that Bitcoin, in particular, will have a “bad ending.” On the other hand, billionaire investors like Tim Draper, Michael Novogratz and David Marcus have kept a bullish stance on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.  Here is Forbes’s list of the world’s rich

Bitcoin Price hit record since 2018

Bitcoin hit a record high in trading Monday, Nov. 30 as the cryptocurrency market continues to boom during the COVID-19 pandemic. The price of bitcoin peaked at $19,829.27 at 10:14 a.m. EST before dropping to $19,158 as of noon before rising slightly once again. Bitcoin was trading at $19,513.32 as of 11:13 p.m. EST. Bitcoin’s previous record high was $19,783.06 on Jan. 1, 2017. Bitcoin’s new high levels have in part been driven in a post-election rally  in November , noting that its price rise actually started in October; bitcoin’s price was $11.406.06 on Oct. 17. Institutional interest along with broadening support for bitcoin is being credited for the price rise. Coindesk  reports  that the difference between this bull run and the last bitcoin bull run in 2016 is that the cryptocurrency has gained a new wave of institutional investors mainly based in North America. “You could look at the timing of the rally, which coincided with typical U.S. market open hours,” John Todaro, director