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ABU Zaria students vow not to return to school if ASUU calls off strike. See their reasons

The management of Ahmadu Bello University have officially reported in its latest Press released on Monday, 23rd of November, 2020 that the school was attacked by a group armed men suspected to be bandits. It was reported that a staff of the prestigious institution, was abducted in the area BZ staff quarters in the Samaru campus. The kidnappers initially abducted the staff together with his wife and daughter, but as the security agents were quickly alerted they arrived the scene promptly, which lead to the exchange of fire between the kidnappers and the mobile police men The kidnappers later released the woman and the daughter, and made away with the man. This development has caused worries and arouse tension amongst students, saying that the school is not safe for them. Students took to Twitter to vent their angers and dissatisfaction on the current happening in Zaria, adding that they are not ready to resume school, unless thorough and proper security check is put in place to ensure t