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After Buying Instagram And WhatsApp, Mark Zuckerberg Acquires Another App. See How To Use It

The giant tech company, Facebook is one that has made social life and communication easy for people in and around the world to relate with friends and family. Social media in recent times has been of immense importance and as a tool for business development. Many people are taking advantage of the opportunity and power of the available platform to connect with people and businesses and the result has been tremendous.  However, following its acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook on Monday announced it is buying a startup App specialising in helping businesses interact with customers online for economic development and connections. The new App named "Kustomer" is barely five years old as Facebook indicates interest in acquiring it. Kustomer comes as the leading social network, WhatsApp and Messenger messaging services continues to attract more people and businesses. It's reported that more than 175 million people contact businesses via WhatsApp daily, and the numb