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This cbn Announcement is for you if you have bank account with any bank in Nigeria.

The cbn governor, Goodwin emefiele has used it's Media official Twitter handle,@cenbank to give information which may be useful to people that have bank accounts domiciled in Nigeria. The information was made for the intention and point of clarification, and to make sure there's stability of the foreign exchange market in our country Nigeria (giant of Africa) The information was also contained in the letter from the central bank of Nigeria cbn in the Twitter handle@cenbank. Due to the position of things following the instructions and translation on the operationalization of domiciliary of accounts in Nigeria and for its steady and stability of foreign exchange market, governor of cbn, Goodwin emefiele made this clarification. "Exports proceeds domiciliary accounts" All the accounts will continue to operate based on the existing rules and regulations which will allow account owners make use of their funds for business operations only, with any extra fund sold in the im

30,000 Grant Beneficiary, Take Note Of This Public Announcement From Ministry Of Humaniarian Affairs.

Good Afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen. I welcome you to this page, today we will be discussing and Notifying 30,000 grant Beneficiaries to take advantage of the public service announcement of Ministry of Humaniarian Affairs. The Federal Government led by President Muhammadu Buhari Administration created The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs. The ministry was created to reached out to Humanity and help in bringing solution to any disaster in the country. Recently, The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture invites the press and the general public to the ministarian press briefing on it's programmes and activities since inception. The programme is designed to be fully interactive with all Nigerians including those in Diaspora is sheduled as follows. Monday, 30th November, 2020. This tweet was confirmed through the official Twitter page of Ministry of Humaniarian Affairs.

LATEST News in Nigeria Today

Nigeria’s ex-President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has fired a letter to two major contending political parties in the December 7 presidential election in Ghana. The parties are the New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress, NDC. John Dramani Mahama, a former Ghana’s president between 24 July 2012 to 7 January 2017, is vying for the poll under NDC, as the opposition party, while the incumbent President, Nana Akufo-Addo is vying for a second term under NPP. Ahead of the December 7 poll, Obasanjo, in the letter urged both the NPP and NDC to ensure the peace and stability of the West African country. Obasanjo said this in a letter to the leaders of the parties, copies of which were made available to newsmen by his Special Assistant on Media, Kehinde Akinyemi on Saturday. Obasanjo sought for building efforts aimed at enhancing mutual trust and confidence among themselves in the relevant national institutions and in the electoral process. The former Nigerian President prayed and

Survival funds : This is the reason your Bank Refused To Credited Your Grands

#30,000 Grant: See Why Your Bank Account Have Not Been Credited With The #30,000 Grant. It's no longer news that the Federal Government Of Nigeria led by President Muhammadu Buhari have provided a lot of empowerment programs to unemployed youths across the nation. Rrrrttrrr4rrr44rr45rrhhhut55tt5tt A lot of individuals that are beneficiaries of the #30,000 artisans grant commended the federal government led president Muhammadu Buhari after they received the #30,000 grant. However, with respect to the #30,000 grant, here is why your bank account have not been credited with the #30,000 artisans grant. Here are the possible reasons. 1. The reason why your bank account have not been credited could be because you didn't apply or register for the artisans grant. It's important for you to know that only people that applied for the artisans program will receive the grant. 2. Also, the reason your bank account have not been credited could be because your name is not among

Survival Funds : This Is The Reason Why You Should Get Lower Then You Apply For

Have you been paid, did you observe that the money Nirsal Micro Finance Bank approved for you wasn't what they paid you? Maybe you were so happy while Receiving the alert, for that reason, you failed to ask some of the questions. There are two main reasons why your loan was not paid as it was approved. To some persons, 400,000 was approved but 378,200 was paid, while to some, 500000, 450,000, 200,000, 180,000 etc was approved, but the truth is that, what was paid was not the same as the amount that was approved. The two things responsible for you not to received the exact amount as was approved include; Account creation and Loan interest. On Account Creation, some persons have received a message from NMFB which reads "Dear .......  your account has been created successfully. Your account number is xxxxxxxxxx Thank you for banking with the NIRSAL MFB" this proved that with the bvn you supplied to the NMFB during your registration, they have generated a new account for you

SURVIVAL FUNDS : Cheak Out The Repayment Date Before You Withdrow The Money From Your Bank

Good evening, everyone. I bring you happy greetings today being Sunday 22nd Of November, 2020. I will advise you to follow this page for more information. The survival Fund grant are of categories. Many Nigerians who enrolled on the Payroll support have recently received alerts of N30,000-N50,000 thousand naira from last week. The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the survival fund is a conditional grant to support vulnerable Micro and Small enterprises in meeting their payroll obligations and safeguard jobs in MSMEs from the shock of the COVID- 19 pandemic. It is believed that the Federal Government will support small businesses to meet their payroll obligations of between N30,000 and N50,000 Some of the beneficiaries who received the payment took to social media platforms to share their joy and happiness. However, If you were among the applicants but you or members of your staff have not received any alert, just be patient, soon you, together with all your staff will get the alert.